Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Baby Blanket

I admit, I'm the type of girl who likes fast, easy, get it done in a nap-time-length type of projects.  My patience when it comes to sewing is limited (a weakness I'd like change). That being said, I was pretty proud of myself for actually putting together a blanket with more than two pieces. (Besides the T-Shirt Quilt I made for Brian for Christmas, which just about killed me). I got the fabric when we were in Phoenix a few months ago. SAS is one of my favorite fabric stores. It is a bit chaotic shopping there, because you literally have to dig in cardboard boxes to find anything good. And when you do find something worthy, there is no guarantee there will be more when you go back. This past time I went, I had Eden in tow and I was sweating trying to juggle her and find things! But I did score. This blanket probably cost me $5 to make. The flannel was $2/yard and the minky-type fabric was $2.50 for a giant piece (and I only used half of it). Can't wait to wrap up our new baby in it!

Boppy Cover

Aren't boppies wonderful? I was given a well used one, which was in great need of a new cover. I wasn't about to spend the outrageous amount they go for at the store, so I decided to make my own. Such a simple project. Click here for a good tutorial. I substituted velcro for the zipper (because I hate doing zippers!) You can slip it off and wash it if needed (and by "if" I mean "when" you need to).

Diaper Changing Pad

A friend of mine made me one of these for my first baby and I used it all the time. So, I thought I'd make one for my sister's new baby. I just made a copy of the one I already had using some scrap fabric and vinyl, but here's a good tutorial if you'd like more specifics (mine isn't exactly the same, but it gives you a good idea. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few more nursing covers

One for me, one for my sister...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A few book reviews...

Wow, it's amazing how fast time can slip away in the blogging world. I've got a bunch of projects to post, but not enough time to do it post them. So, for now I'll just update you on my latest reads...

This book was so fun! It follows the travel adventures and explorations of Martin and Osa Johnson, who from 1917 to 1937 traveled some of the most indigenous and hardly trekked areas of the world including Borneo, Kenya, The Congo, and small Islands throughout the pacific...and all on a shoe-string budget (the way Brian and I would too). I was simply amazed at how determined [and brave] this couple was and loved reading about their many adventures. 

This was a touching story about Kim, a Chinese girl and her mother who immigrate to Brooklyn to create a better life; however, what they encounter is injustice, poverty and culture shock. Despite their harsh living conditions, meager pay, and horrible working conditions inside a Chinatown clothing factory, Kim is able to excel in school and help turn their life around. I thought the book was compelling, although there were a few aspects of the story I didn't like, overall it was a pretty good read.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting into the Valentine's spirit...

So I got a little inspiration from here and am loving how these babies turned out! And they were surprisingly easy. Some are going to cousins as Valentine's Day gifts, but we're going to keep a few too. 

This one is my favorite

Too bad my model had crazy hair and wasn't being too cooperative

Onesie Makeover

Have I mentioned how much I love Heat and Bond? It is so great for sprucing things up quick, especially cute little baby clothes! Since our newest one is due in June, I figure she'll wear lots of onesies. 

This one is my favorite