Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Baby Blanket

I admit, I'm the type of girl who likes fast, easy, get it done in a nap-time-length type of projects.  My patience when it comes to sewing is limited (a weakness I'd like change). That being said, I was pretty proud of myself for actually putting together a blanket with more than two pieces. (Besides the T-Shirt Quilt I made for Brian for Christmas, which just about killed me). I got the fabric when we were in Phoenix a few months ago. SAS is one of my favorite fabric stores. It is a bit chaotic shopping there, because you literally have to dig in cardboard boxes to find anything good. And when you do find something worthy, there is no guarantee there will be more when you go back. This past time I went, I had Eden in tow and I was sweating trying to juggle her and find things! But I did score. This blanket probably cost me $5 to make. The flannel was $2/yard and the minky-type fabric was $2.50 for a giant piece (and I only used half of it). Can't wait to wrap up our new baby in it!

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  1. It looks like you have been busy! I am definitely going to try the boppy cover. I love the velcro idea cause it is so much easier than a zipper. Such cute stuff!